Thursday 08/22/2019

*Special Announcement*
Today will be Coach Cait's final full time coaching day. We are saddened to see her go but super excited to support her into the next chapter of her life! 
Cait has been a vital part of the CFPH team for almost 2 years. Her personality and willingness to push all of us during our workouts is her specialty. Whether she is pushing us out of our comfort zones to where she believes we can be or having us chase her during the WOD, she is always pushing us all to be the athletes possible. 
It's been an honor to have her as part of the CPFH team!
Today's WOD was created by Cait and the reps represent when she began at CFPH...4/8/18. 
If you get to see Cait this morning, give her a hug! Not to worry, she will still be around for CFPH events! 
We will miss you Coach Cait, best of luck!!

"Coach Cait's 4.8.18"
3 Rounds
4 Power Cleans (155/105)
8 Handstand Push-ups 
18 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Immediately Into...

1 Mile Run in a (20/14# vest)