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Wednesday 02/20/2019


Wednesday 02/20/2019

4 Rounds
500m Row
10 Strict Pull-ups
30 Sit-ups 

Intended Stimulus – Your goal is 16-20 minutes. Sticking with your specific rep scheme we find is class will be important today. Strict pull-ups get tough quick, especially when they are with a 500m row. Hold a consistent pace driving through your legs on the rower, break your pull-ups up early, and breath through the sit-ups. Keep moving and crush it! Scaling will be provided for all levels!

Box Brief – Please return your Anniversary RSVP by Monday!
-Safe to say the kiddos are happy in the new Barbells and Books space!
Barbells and Books runs Tuesday and Thursdsay nights. Grades 1-3 at 4:30pm and grades 4-6 at 5:30pm. Blend CrossFit with homework tutoring! Best after school solution out there! Email us for more details!

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