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Wednesday 02/06/2019


Wednesday 02/06/2019

*Congratualtions to our February Athlete of the Month, Dave Scott! You can watch Dave’s full interview here!

“OPEN 18.1”
8 Toes to Bar 
10 Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35)
14/12 Calorie Row 

Intended Stimulus: Your goal is to complete between 5-9 rounds. If you can hit it RX and exceed 9 rounds do it up! RX weights are listed for benchmarking so you can choose to do the WOD as written, or you can follow this intended stimulus;
8 toes to bar in 15 seconds or less. 
10 DB clean and jerks at a moderate weight in 30 seconds or less. 
14/12 calorie row in 45 seconds or less. 
Keeping your rounds under 2:50 will land you in the middle of today’s stimulus. 
Pace yourself, challenge yourself and have fun!
Scaling will be provided for all levels and limitations!

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