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Wednesday 01/30/2019


Wednesday 01/30/2019

EMOM 16 (8 Rounds)
Odd: 3 Strict Press
Even: 3-5 Strict Pull-ups 

Intended Stimulus: Today is all about pulling and pushing strength. Strict press should be done to a full range of motion, unbroken, with great form, and heavy. It will be coupled with strict pull-ups so don’t be afraid to adjust weight as the rounds go on the preserve your form and technique. 
For your strict pull-ups, stay within the 3-5 rep range. If needed, you can do them weighted. If you cannot do 3 reps in a timely manor, consider the scaling option for this part to efficiently work on your pulling power. 
If you have goals to improve your kipping pull-ups, handstand pushups, or even your regular pushups do not miss this WOD!

Box Brief – Don’t forget to sign up for this Sunday’s toes to bar and double under seminar!

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