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Wednesday 01/23/2019


Wednesday 01/23/2019

21 Air Squats 
12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
6 Deadlifts 

Intended Stimulus: Today is on the longer side with the WOD lasting 20 minutes. Main goal is to keep moving at a steady pace that requires very short rest periods. All air squats must pass through a full range of motion and be done at a steady pace with minimal rest periods. Alternating hands after each dumbbell snatch is mandatory. Choose a weight that allows you to do all 12 reps at a smooth consistent pace. Deadlift weight should be at the high end of moderate and creeping towards the heavy side. Atleast the first half of the WOD should remain unbroken during the deadlifts, later rounds can be broken into 2 sets. Your goal is to complete 7-9 rounds. Remember; slow reps are positive reps. Coming out of the gate hot will require longer rest periods. Pace yourself and keep your rests short. 

Box Brief – The CrossFit OPEN is only a month away! More details will be coming your way in the next few days!

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