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Tuesday 03/05/2019


Tuesday 03/05/2019

EMOM 21 (7 Rounds)
1) 5 Bench Press
2) 18 Bent Over Kettlebell Row (9 per arm)
3) 0:45 Back Rack Hold

Intended Stimulus: Today’s main focus is strength and stability. The bench press should be a heavy weight you can do 5 reps unbroken. Adjust weight as the WOD progresses if needed to preserve full range of motion. 
Bent over kettlebell row is a great way to increase core stability and upper back/arm strength to help with our pull-ups and rig work. 
For the back rack hold, load up a barbell with heavy weight and put it on your shoulders like a back squat. Stand up with it, hold your core tight, and stand static for 45 seconds. This is all about learning to keep your core tight and stable to stabilize external objects. 
Have fun and get strong!
Scaling will be provided for all levels!

Box Brief – Handstand Pushup seminar this Sunday 10:00am-11:30am. Sign up sheet is in the box!

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