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Tuesday 02/12/2019


Tuesday 02/12/2019

100 Double Unders
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups 
100 Sit-ups 
100 Double Unders 

Intended Stimulus – Your goal is to finish today’s WOD between 15-19 minutes. 
We will be choosing rep ranges that support this time frame. We will not be partitioning this workout, which means you must complete all 100 reps of the movement before moving onto the next. So, it is critical to choose options that support short rest periods. It is also important not to burn out (we all know pushups don’t come back!). Pace yourself and don’t be afraid to take short rests early in the WOD. 

Box Brief – New blog post by Coach Cait! Outlining the OPEN and why it’s so awesome and a big part of our community. Take a read, link to register for the OPEN is at the end of the blog post!

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