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Thursday 04/25/2019


Thursday 04/25/2019

1) *Deadlifts 
2) 16 Kettlebell Rows (8 per arm)
3) 5 Weighted Step ups each leg 

Deadlifts: Begin round 1 with 10 reps, decrease the reps by 1 each round and increase the weight each round if possible. Your last round should be 4 deadlifts. 

Intended Stimulus: Deadlifts should be as heavy as you can move safely and correctly. Add weight each round if possible. Kettlebell rows should be heavy as well, but do not use any momentum. If momentum is needed decrease the weight to make them as strict as possible. Step ups are weighted if possible, hold the weight however you feel comfortable. Lets get strong!
Have fun! Scaling will be provided for all levels!

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