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Thursday 02/28/2019


Thursday 02/28/2019

“Cindy is Strict, and She’s Just Being Honest”
5 Strict Pull-ups 
10 Hand Release Pushups 
15 Squats to Medball

Stimulus: Your goal is 10-14 rounds. Keep all of your reps to a very high standard range of motion. Pullups, start in a dead hang and pull until your chin passes the bar. Hand release pushups, when chest and hips hit the floor lift up your hands…do not rock as you press back up. Your chest and thighs should come back up at the same time. No bro reps. The medball is there on your squats to keep you honest, especially under fatigue, and to also make sure you are squatting to a depth that is supported by your range of motion. If you are tight, increase the height of your medball to keep your squats efficient and correct. 
We would rather see less rounds full of true reps, than more rounds full of no reps. 
Scaling will be provided for all levels!

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