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Thursday 02/14/2019


Thursday 02/14/2019

12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 
15 Sit-ups
22 Air Squats 
5 Burpees 

-You Snatch, I Snatch, you sit-up. I sit-up, etc. 

*Retest from 02/14/2018

12,15,22,5 is where the letters L-O-V-E fall in the alphabet 😘

Intended Stimulus – Your goal is 3-6 rounds as a team!
– 12 Dumbbell Snatches at a moderate weight in less than 35 seconds. 
-15 Sit-ups in less than 30 seconds. 
-22 Air Squats in less than 35 seconds. 
-5 Burpees in less than 20 seconds. Choose weights as rep ranges that keep you and your partner moving. 
Grab a buddy and rock it out! Work together and have fun!

Box Brief – Our next seminar is on the Handstand Push-up! March 10! Sign up sheet is hanging in the box! 

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