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Thursday 01/31/2019


Thursday 01/31/2019

“OPEN 11.5”
5 Power Cleans (145/100)
10 Toes to Bar 
15 Wall Balls (20/14)

Intended Stimulus: The OPEN is only a few weeks away so today we will be testing one of the OPEN WODs. Today will be 11.5 (2011, workout number 5). We have the RX weights listed here because it is a HQ WOD and a benchmark to gauge our progress. 

Here are also some stimulus guidelines to follow:
The WOD is 20 minutes and you want to choose options that keep you moving with minimal rest as the time goes on. Power cleans are moderate in weight, choose a weight you can move confidently every time while finishing your sets in less than 20 seconds. Toes to bar are smaller sets of 10 but will add up quickly. Try to keep them less than 20 seconds as well. Wall balls should be done to a full range of motion even when you’re tired, keep your sets under 45 seconds. 

Pick a steady pace, focus on your breathing, and try to move continuously. You’re goal is to complete 8-13 rounds. 

Box Brief – The OPEN is only a few weeks away! You can register here; we will be doing an in house leaderboard as well!

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