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Thursday 01/24/2019


Thursday 01/24/2019

4 Rounds
90 Double Unders
30 Sit-ups 
15 Burpees 

Intended Stimulus: Today we are looking to finish each round in less than 4 minutes. Choosing the correct rep scheme for the movements will be key. Double unders should take less than 1:15, sit-ups less than 1:30, and burpees less than 1:10. We can scale the number of reps to hit these time domains to preserve the stimulus of todays workout. But, make sure you challenge yourself; look to finish between 13-17 minutes. Keep moving and crush it! Scaling will be provided for all fitness levels!

Box Brief – Toes to bar/Double under seminar is Sunday 02/03 10:00-11:30am! Sign up sheet is hanging in the box!

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