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Saturday 03/02/2019


Saturday 03/02/2019

Teams of 2
5 Thrusters 
5 Burpee Over Bar
*One partner completes 5 thrusters and 5 burpee over bar while the other partner bear hugs a plate. When the thurster/burpee partner is finished, switch. Men bear hug 45# and women bear hug 25#. 
Partner 2 must be bear hugging the plate for partner 1’s reps to count. If partner 2 needs to drop the plate partner 1 must stop and can’t resume until partner 2 picks the plate back up. 

Intended Stimulus: You goal is to exceed 12 rounds as a team; you and your partner completing 5 thrusters and 5 burpee over bar counts as one round. Choose a moderate weight for the thruster but keep them unbroken. Choose a rep range on the burpee over bar that allows you to move through them quick. Keep yourself and your partner moving. Scaling will be provided for all levels!

*Picture is our original location! This is from 2014 when class cap was 5 athletes! Formally known as the Baby Box!

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