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Saturday 02/09/2019


Saturday 02/09/2019

“Deck of Cards”
Hearts -Russian Kettlebell Swings 
Diamonds – Goblet Squats (with KB) 
Clubs – Tuck ups 
Spades – Med Ball Slams 
*Suit of card dictates the movement, number on the card will be number of reps. Aces are 1, face cards are 10. Jokers are 10 burpees!

Intended Stimulus – Have fun with this one! This WOD will be 85 reps per movement by the end, and 20 burpees. So, if you need to decrease your reps regardless of the number on the card, feel free!
Scaling will be provided for all levels!

Box Brief – Please return your RSVP tickets for the Anniversary Party with payment by February 25!
-Sign up for the OPEN!

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