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In these group classes, members will be led by a coach through an hour-long action packed class. Our sessions include a dynamic warm-up, mobility and skill drills, and a WOD (“workout of the day)” This strength and conditioning program is unlike any other. The movements are constantly changing keeping your mind and body from plateauing. If you are looking for a fun, action packed class this is the one for you!

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-CrossFit Kids- Barbells & Books

The adults don’t get to have all the fun! Our kids program is action packed and a lot of fun. Every session includes a warm-up, skill session, games, and a WOD (“workout of the day”). Classes are structured to give the athlete progressive training in gymnastics and strength training. Our goal is to build physical and mental strength, leadership skills, teamwork, and gain confidence that will translate into other avenues of their lives.

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