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Friday 01/25/2019


Friday 01/25/2019

Teams of 2
2 Rounds
1:00 Bike
1:00 Battling Rope
1:00 D-ball Slam
1:00 Rope Climb
1:00 Shuttle Sprints
You do 1:00, I do 1:00

Intended Stimulus: Main goal of today’s WOD is to pick a buddy and have a good time in the gym! You will work for 1 minute, then rest for 1 minute while your partner goes. 1 minute is a long rest for a CrossFitter, so give your minute of work everything you got. Keep in mind we have two rounds today and these movements can get taxing. Keep a nice pace for round one, then listen to your body and push the pace when you can in round two. Have fun with this one today and cheer on your buddies when you catch your breath! Scaling will be provided for all levels!

Box Brief – New blog post written by Coach Nicki on the importance of consistency in your training habits. Give it a read and comment below with any questions and thoughts!

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